Yuma Okazaki
Kanji 岡崎由真
Rōmaji Okazaki Yuma
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Part-time Hostess (Formerly)
Voice Actors
Japanese Ai Kakuma[1]
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 01
Anime Episode 01

Yuma Okazaki (岡崎由真 Okazaki Yuma) is one of the main characters of the series. She is the childhood-and best friend of Hotaru Mizushina Yuma is a student in the second year of high school who participates in the basketball club and leads a romantic relationship with Takeda.[2]



Yuma is young and feminine tenger with a slender body-build and a big chest. She has long hair, which is usually tied up into lose pigtails, sometimes braided and amber eyes. Her hair color is orange-brown in the manga, whereas it is pink in the anime version.


Yuma is a beginner in the topic of romance, with Takeda being her first boyfriend.[2] This leaves her insecure and confused about intimacy and how to properly react around a romantic interest. She often seeks advice on what step to take next due to that. Additionally, Yuma is easily flustered by the idea of intimate interactions.

She is severely naive and gullible, falling victim to Hotaru's sexual harassment easily as she is led to believe it is just harmless practice between female friends. Her submissive nature makes her scarcely defend herself and instead allow advances on her without much resistance. However, being gazed at by older men makes her uncomfortable to the point that she is not able to last more than half an hour under their gaze in her part-time job.

Yuma does not consider homosexual relationships between two girls as as legitimate as heterosexual relationships, troubled by what others would think if she was to openly date another woman.

She has a low tolerance for bullying as well, always defending her best friend from other children in her past. Yuma thinks of herself of selfish, harboring feelings of jealousy when there is a threat of Hotaru being stolen from her by someone else and emotionally beating herself up for being able to feel such dark emotions.


  • Yuma has an F-cup in bra size.[citation needed]


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